Springfield Illinois Craft Beer Bar
Craft Beer is an adventure.


Kathy and Lou Calvetti fell in love with downtown Springfield's Craft Beer Bar and made a life-changing decision to purchase the business in July 2014. Craft Beer Bar represents how the Calvettis live their lives: always ready for new, different, exciting moments. Having shared a passion for wine, the Calvettis' own exploration of craft beer opened up a new, tasty avenue for enjoying the flavors and personal touch that craft beer producers give to their brews. Craft Beer Bar gives them the opportunity to share their sense of adventure with everyone.

Craft Beer Bar is committed to the pursuit of great beer. Approximately 200 bottles and 14 drafts are hand-selected and rotated to fit the season and the desires of beer- and cider- loving friends (for once you set foot in the Bar, you are always a friend). They are known for their firkin nights and pint nights and have recently added fun, low-key craft beer classes to their events.

From craft beer beginners to the discerning expert, Craft Beer Bar promises something for everyone. Even if you don’t like the taste of traditional beer, their "beer whisperers" can match you to your perfect craft beer.  At Craft Beer Bar, you'll find a grown-up but laid back vibe, where you and your friends can relax and enjoy.


Springfield Illinois Craft Beer Bar